David Dicko

CEO & Co-Founder


CEO & Co-Founder

David is an airline expert. He combines 15 years of experience and know-how in airline operations, marketing and strategy, in the capacity of a Pilot and an Executive Director for Business Strategy. David has an MBA from HEC, Paris in 2013.

David is passionate about the airline industry, and has flown medium and long haul aircraft as an airline pilot for 11 years. As a fast learner and with an appetite for challenges, he was given the opportunity to take on a variety of other related positions in parallel, first in flight operations then beyond to marketing, innovation and strategy – ultimately ending as Corporate Strategy & Innovation Director for the Air France KLM Group.

David then took the plunge into entrepreneurship for which he left his airline career. At Skylights, we enable passengers to escape from their crowded, limited space on an aircraft to anywhere, anytime. With the VR headsets, passengers can watch the latest movies , blockbusters, and cinematic VR while being on a long haul aircraft. It’s a fantastic adventure, technologically challenging, and profoundly human at its heart.

His expertise & interest are in cross-functional innovation, business development, strategy, entrepreneurship.