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October 15, 2020
Live SGT and On-Demand


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Skift Forum Asia

Skift Forums over the past seven years have become known as the industry’s most premium travel conferences focused on the top marketers, strategists, and technologists in the industry — the people creating and defining the future of travel. Our annual Skift Forum Asia event is our fastest-growing conference, with 500+ attendees from 20+ countries, and this  year will take place as a fully online conference, streamed live on Singapore Time, with speakers all appearing via video.

Skift has stated that the future of travel is being tested in Asia given its incredible growth, diversity, and adoption of new advances. Our global theme, “The Decade Ahead: Safeguarding Travel’s Future,” will provide an underpinning for the frank and transparent conversations with travel leaders during SFA 2020. We will focus on what 2021 and beyond may look like for travel, as well as how the industry’s top CEOs and leading business minds are working towards recovery and answering the big questions facing travel:

  • What parts of travel in Asia are gone forever?
  • How will the industry work together with APAC governments to create a safe and unimpeded return for travel?
  • Will Asia need to adapt to a domestic travel market for years to come, if International travelers don’t return?
  • How has the pandemic accelerated the digital disruptions being developed in Asia and which ones may catch on globally?
  • What does the future of online booking behavior look like in Asia, and can it incentivize a faster recovery?
  • How can APAC hotels manage operations through an uneven return?
  • Can destinations in developing countries throughout Asia still rely on travel to be an economic driver in their region?
  • Did the pandemic kill the value of human touch in hospitality?
  • What is the travel industry –in Asia and globally– we want to see on the other side of this crisis?


Many more to be announced

What Attendees Say About Skift Events

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Why You Should Attend

Skift Forums Are Transformative to Businesses and Brands


Hear case studies from major brands for insights from tourism boards, consumer brands, hotels, and more.


Our schedule is filled with opportunities — onstage, networking, and breakout sessions — to gain practical knowledge.


From CEOs on stage to startups in the know, attendees will learn about the latest industry insights and trends.

Who You’ll Meet

Decision makers and strategists come to Skift Forum Asia to learn from other leaders as well as their peers. Here’s who you can expect to meet:


Online travel and travel tech executives looking to hear from the leading CEOs in their sectors and to connect with suppliers and customers

Entrepreneurs seeking to connect with decision makers to help shape their ideas and partner with their startups 

Investors and business development executives looking to examine the market and assess partner opportunities for expansion

Hospitality executives exploring the landscape of service and technology partnerships that can improve their business performance

Tourism and destination professionals looking to understand their markets and customers and learn best practices from travel’s most innovative leaders

Consumer and enterprise tech companies providing platforms and solutions that support the industry

Airline strategy and distribution executives looking to understand new channels, new technology, and creative ways of marketing in a consumer-led world

Travel advisors and tour operators seeking new ways to surprise and delight their customers

Marketers and creative executives looking to understand the consumer and develop more engaging campaigns



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