Art Meets Science: Marketing strategies and technologies that are defining the future of dining


The Skift Table Restaurants Forum is a day long conference featuring TED-style talks and deep dive Q&A’s with the restaurant industry’s most insightful business leaders and creative thinkers.

Our sessions are devoted to the key trends and disruptions shaping the business of dining. We dive deep on the strategies as well as the marketing and technology investments leading brands are deploying to address these disruptions.

Like our our signature travel events, Skift Restaurants Forum will set itself apart from other events in delivering you insights that easily translate to meaningful actions for your business.


  • Consumer Behavior, how the lines between meal times have forever blurred creating unexpected opportunities and challenges
  • Destinations and Dining, how developers are pairings retail and dining to create new and engaging environments
  • Loyalty, strategies for building repeat business and forging long term meaningful relationships with customers
  • Chains and Franchises, the new power dynamics.
  • Technology Innovations, moving food faster, fresher, and with greater accuracy and ROI
  • Delivery and the New Front of House, how on-demand is shaping menus, experiences, and brands


Skift Restaurants Forum will feature onstage the nation’s top restaurateurs, key executives, and essential thought-leaders who both shape and understand consumer behaviors. These are the people at the forefront of change in the modern restaurant industry.

In attendance will be over 350 colleagues, partners, collaborators, and new friends from across the country.  Like you, they are seeking insights into the state of their industry. Attendees will include:

  • Decision makers from global dining brands
  • Operators looking to understand their markets and customers and learn best practices from leading experts
  • Investors and business development executives looking to understand the market and assess opportunities for expansion
  • Restaurant executives exploring the landscape of service and technology partnerships that can improve their business performance
  • Marketers and creative executives looking to understand the consumer to develop more engaging campaigns
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to understand the restaurant market and connect with decision makers to help shape their ideas and partner with their startups


Skift Table’s Restaurants Forum offers attendees a unique mix of mind expanding inspiration, actionable insights, and superior networking opportunities that open the mind and connect the world.