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Skift Global Forum does not accept any speaker suggestions or submissions. The speaker selection each year is an internal editorial process based on programming needs as determined by Skift’s editors.

Skift Global Forum: Our Promise

Skift Global Forum was Skift’s first event and also helped launch a series the most creative business gatherings in the global travel industry. Over the last four years they have become what media, speakers, and attendees have called the “TED of travel.”

Skift Global Forum is the premier travel conference focused on the top marketers, strategists, and technologists in the industry — the people creating and defining the future of travel. Skift carefully curates topics and speakers for this two day conference in order to inspire our fellow professionals in travel about the business and creative potential of world’s largest industry.

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Plus, you can watch behind-the-scenes interviews from our 2017 Skift Global Forum Speakers at our Skift Take Studio. View videos here.

Global Forum 2018 Highlights

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Sectors You’ll Find at NYC

Hospitality, Airlines, Cruise, Online Travel, Corporate Travel, Tourism, Destinations, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Marketing, Advertising, Media, Tech, Digital