1Opening Evening Event - The Standard, High Line: Biergarten & Garden Rooms7:00PM-9:00pm848 Washington Street (Entrance at Corner of Little West 12th Street) New York, NY 10014
1Doors Open / Breakfast7:30AMAlice Tully Hall
2Welcome to Skift Global ForumRAFAT ALI 8:35AMAlice Tully Hall
3Deep Dive Q&A w/ the CEO of Carnival Corporation: Winning Over the 98%JASON CLAMPET , ARNOLD DONALD 8:50AMAlice Tully Hall
4Deep Dive Q&A w/ the CEO of The Travel Corporation: State of Packaged Travel and Why it MattersHANNAH SAMPSON , BRETT TOLLMAN 9:20AMAlice Tully Hall
5Deep Dive Q&A w/ the President of Air Canada: Creating a Home in the Sky for Every PassengerBENJAMIN SMITH , JOE LEADER 9:50AMAlice Tully Hall
6Networking Break Sponsored By Cendyn10:20AMAlice Tully Hall
7Skift Talk w/ the CEO of Commune Hotels and Resorts: Next Generation Lifestyle BrandNIKI LEONDAKIS 10:50AMAlice Tully Hall
8Skift Talk w/ the CEO of Routehappy: What Airline Passengers Really WantROBERT ALBERT 11:05AMAlice Tully Hall
9Deep Dive Q&A w/ the CEO of Expedia: What's Next in Online TravelDENNIS SCHAAL , DARA KHOSROWSHAHI 11:20AMAlice Tully Hall
10Panel: Online Travel at 20 Years OldDENNIS SCHAAL , BRAD GERSTNER , JAY WALKER , RICH BARTON , DARA KHOSROWSHAHI 11:50AMAlice Tully Hall
11Panel: Doing to Being—The Zen of Digital Transformation (Sponsored by Adobe)GORDON HO , BARRY GOLDSTEIN , CAROLYN CORDA , MICHAEL KLEIN , RAFAT ALI 12:25PMAlice Tully Hall
12Lunch12:45PMDavid Geffen Hall
13Skift Talk w/ the CEO of MMGY Global: Avoiding the Plague of Traveler StereotypesCLAYTON REID 1:45PMAlice Tully Hall
14Deep Dive Q&A w/ a Director at Promote Iceland: Pros and Cons of Rapid Tourism Growth RAFAT ALI , Inga Hlín Pálsdóttir 2:00PMAlice Tully Hall
15Panel: What Ails US TravelMERYL LEVITZ , JASON CLAMPET , ROGER DOW 2:20PMAlice Tully Hall
16Panel: The Great Debate - Points vs. PriceBRIAN SUMERS , GEORGE HOBICA , BRIAN KELLY 2:50PMAlice Tully Hall
17Skift Talk w/ a SVP at Smartling: Rethinking the Global Customer Journey in the Age of Uber and Airbnb (Sponsored by Smartling)KEVIN COHN 3:20PMAlice Tully Hall
18Networking Break3:30PMAlice Tully Hall
19Skift Talk w/ the CEO of HYP3R: On-Location - The New Frontier of Social (Sponsored by HYP3R)CARLOS GARCIA 4:00PMAlice Tully Hall
20Skift Talk w/ the Publisher of Callisto Publishers: Iconic Design in AviationMatthias C. Hühne 4:10PMAlice Tully Hall
21Skift Talk w/ the CEO of Wolff Olins: The Heroic Purpose of Travel IJE NWOKORIE 4:25PMAlice Tully Hall
22Deep Dive Q&A w/ the CEO of Generator Hostels: Reinventing the HostelGREG OATES , FREDRIK KORALLUS 4:40PMAlice Tully Hall
23Panel: Building a Hotel Brand in the Sharing Economy AgeGREG OATES , LIZ LAMBERT , AMAR LALVANI 5:00PMAlice Tully Hall
24Deep Dive Q&A w/ the CEO of Marriott: The Opportunities of ScaleRAFAT ALI , ARNE M. SORENSON 5:20PMAlice Tully Hall
25Evening Reception (Sponsored by Chase Sapphire Reserve)6:00pmAlice Tully Hall
26End of Day 17:00PMAlice Tully Hall
1Doors Open / Breakfast7:30AMAlice Tully Hall
2Welcome to Day 2RAFAT ALI 8:35AMAlice Tully Hall
3Deep Dive Q&A w/ the CEO of Booking.com: Scale and Choice in an Age of Personalization in Online TravelRAFAT ALI , GILLIAN TANS 8:50AMAlice Tully Hall
4Deep Dive Q&A w/ the CEO of Club Med: The Future of All-Inclusive in a Changing World JULIA COSGROVE , HENRI GISCARD D’ESTAING 9:20AMAlice Tully Hall
5Deep Dive Q&A w/ former CEO of Starwood Hotels and Resorts: How to Avoid Being Devoured in a Rapidly Changing WorldFrits van Paasschen , JASON CLAMPET 9:50AMAlice Tully Hall
6Video: The DNA Journey (Sponsored by Momondo Group)10:20AMAlice Tully Hall
7Networking Break Sponsored by Momondo Group10:25AMAlice Tully Hall
8Skift Talk w/ the CEO of 500px: Visual Intelligence is the Future - Your Photos Are Your Product, Optimize or Die (Sponsored by 500px)ANDY YANG 10:55AMAlice Tully Hall
9Deep Dive Q&A w/ the VP of Engineering at Google: Google's Growing Travel FootprintDENNIS SCHAAL , OLIVER HECKMANN 11:05AMAlice Tully Hall
10Deep Dive Q&A w/ the Head of Global Business Marketing at Facebook: Changing From Agency Thinking to Platform ThinkingBRIAN MORRISSEY , SARAH PERSONETTE 11:25AMAlice Tully Hall
11Skift Talk w/ the CEO of SilverRail: Travel’s Next Chapter - Seamless MobilityAARON GOWELL 11:45AMAlice Tully Hall
12Deep Dive Q&A w/ the CEO of Lola: Next Big Travel Business - Mature Founders Solving Hard Problems RAFAT ALI , PAUL ENGLISH 12:00PMAlice Tully Hall
13Skift Talk w/ the President of Fathom: Travel Deep - Unleashing Human Potential (Sponsored by Fathom) TARA RUSSELL 12:20PMDavid Geffen Hall
14LunchDavid Geffen Hall
15Panel: The Hospitality Mindset for Changing Guest DesiresCHIP CONLEY , JASON CLAMPET 1:40PMAlice Tully Hall
16Deep Dive Q&A w/ the Head of R&D at Amadeus: Creating a Framework for Travel Innovation (Sponsored by Amadeus) DENNIS SCHAAL , RASHESH JETHI 2:20PMAlice Tully Hall
17Deep Dive Q&A w/ the CEO of Peek: Navigating The Complex Landscape of Travel Industry As a StartupRUZWANA BASHIR , RAFAT ALI 2:35PMAlice Tully Hall
18Data Dive w/ the CEO of CB Insights: The Unbundling of Travel ANAND SANWAL 2:55PMAlice Tully Hall
19Skift Talk w/ the CEO of Upside: Imagination - The Missing IngredientJAY WALKER 3:05PMAlice Tully Hall
20Deep Dive Q&A w/ the President of Upside: Special Announcement (Sponsored by Upside) CAROLYN KREMINS , SCOTT CASE 3:20PMAlice Tully Hall
21Networking Break3:25PMAlice Tully Hall
22Skift Talk w/ a Partner at James Sanders + Associates: Celluoid Skyline, Tourism and New York in the Movies JAMES SANDERS, AIA 3:55PMAlice Tully Hall
23Data Dive w/ the Research Director at Skift: Travelers' Manifesto on the Future of TravelLUKE BUJARSKI 4:10PMAlice Tully Hall
24Panel: The Needs of Super Travelers And Why They Matter (Sponsored by Allianz Global Assistance)ALEXANDRA WOOD , LEONARD BRODY , COLIN NAGY , JALAK JOBANPUTRA , LUKE BUJARSKI 4:20PMAlice Tully Hall
25Panel: SXSW and Superfly on Creating ExperiencesGREG OATES , RICH GOODSTONE , MIKE SHEA 4:45PMAlice Tully Hall
26Deep Dive Q&A w/ the CEO of TripAdvisor: The TripAdvisor effect - How Big Can it Get?RAFAT ALI , STEPHEN KAUFER 5:20PMAlice Tully Hall
27End of Day 25:50PMAlice Tully Hall