Marion Mesnage

Head of Research & Innovation


Head of Research & Innovation

Marion, as the head of the Research and Innovation team at Amadeus, is leading a global team of 80 people – made of researchers, data scientists, business specialists, intrapreneurs, and experts in innovation management. The mission of her division is to identify and turn new ideas into value for Amadeus, its customers and the traveler.

To do so, her team is managing several programs to leverage Amadeus’ internal strengths and the creativity of the external innovation ecosystem.

Marion is based at Amadeus’ headquarters in Madrid and joined Amadeus in 2011, as the head of R&D Resource Capacity Management. In 2013, she became the chief of staff for the Head of Amadeus Research & Development. Before that, she had spent 10 years managing research & innovation projects in Accenture Technology Labs. She graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique.

This technical background – combined with a good sense of the business – her forward looking mind and great collaboration spirit, enable her to mobilize people around innovation concepts and engage them in driving change for the travel industry.