Campbell Kennedy

CEO & Co-Founder


CEO & Co-Founder

Campbell has years of experience building and leading teams across product development, engineering and business development in both large and small companies. He comes from an engineering and robotics background, and has always had a deep passion for maps, reality capture, and augmented reality technologies.

Campbell is CEO and co-founder of LocusLabs, a fast-growing technology company which  provides the most information-rich indoor location platform in the world for smart buildings.Previous to co-founding LocusLabs, Campbell built and led a 50-person team at the startup which developed Google’s Streetview and self-driving car technology. He was responsible for product definition and engineering. This company was acquired by Google where he worked in the self-driving car division for 12 months.

Campbell holds an M.S. in Robotics & Intelligent Systems from the University of Southern California, and a B.S. in Systems Engineering from the same.