Will Lucas

Founder and CEO

Mint House

Founder and CEO

Will Lucas is the founder and CEO of Mint House, a hotel company that provides a unique experience, offering the feel of a high-end hotel with the personalized comforts of home.

In January 2017, Lucas founded Mint House, an accommodation company that is disrupting the conventional hotel model. Mint House provides a different experience that gives the feeling of a high-end hotel, with all the conveniences and comforts of your own house – all packaged and presented via technology. It provides business travelers apartment-style accommodations with a similar environment as top tier hotels.

Lucas started Mint House to partner the short-term rental experience with the reliability of a hotel. Lucas preferred Airbnb and other similar short-term rentals when traveling but when on the road for business was compelled to use hotels. Lucas, who also serves as the company’s CEO, was inspired to start Mint House based on his experiences in getting a place to stay for work. Lucas had to settle in staying at the hotels as opposed to a popular home-sharing service because he didn’t want to gamble with the uncertainty of the experience.

Currently, Mint House is concentrating on markets in the United States besides the top markets of San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles. Mint House is available in Denver, Indianapolis, Miami, Nashville, and Detroit. Still, the total offering of Mint House is comparatively small as there are only 200 rooms in operation, and 200 are scheduled to be accessible by summer 2019.

Plus the company also has more than 250 additional units under an agreement; and within the next 12 months, Mint House will join ten more cities, including Minneapolis, San Diego, Austin, Louisville, and Dallas. On Expedia and Booking.com, the company is viewed as a leading accommodation service in Nashville.

In June 2019, Crunchbase recognized Mint House as one of the Top 50 Hottest Tech Companies in the World, which ranked the company at #4.