Skift Forum Europe will bring together the top CEOs and leaders –the people creating and defining the future of travel– to discuss what’s next and how to drive the industry forward. Our global theme for 2020 is “The Decade Ahead: Safeguarding Travel’s Future.” This theme references the need for the industry to become more responsible and sustainable, but also build resilience now protect travel’s financial future in an ever-shifting world.

Tuesday, June 30

10:00 AM

Welcome: A Long View on Travel

10:10 AM

Tracking Europe’s Rebound: Skift Research’s Recovery Index

10:25 AM

How Europe’s Hotels Can Balance Travel’s Return

10:45 AM

A Summer of Renewed Promise for Europe’s Airlines: What Comes After?

11:25 AM

Designing a New Era of Conversational Commerce for the Travel Industry

11:40 AM

Online Travel’s New Opportunity to Reconnect the Industry Globally

12:00 PM

Breakout Session: The New Travel Companion — Conversational AI

12:30 PM

Networking Break

1:00 PM

What the Data Really Says: A Macro View on Travel’s Recovery

1:00 PM

Private DMO Roundtable

1:15 PM
1:35 PM

How Will the Luxury Experience Evolve Post-Pandemic?

1:50 PM
2:05 PM

What’s Next for Europe’s Experiences and Activities?

2:20 PM

Is it Time to ReTool Hotel Rates and Distribution Models?

2:35 PM

Adapting Quickly to Meet Traveler Demand

3:00 PM

Experiential Break and EventMB Breakout Session

3:15 PM

Will Alternative Accommodations Gain New Ground in Europe Post-Crisis?

3:30 PM

Rebuilding Europe’s Package Holiday Ecosystem

4:05 PM

How Will Tech Emerge From This Crisis?


Sean O’Neill
4:20 PM

Preparing For a New Hospitality Reality in Europe

4:40 PM

Re-Envisioning Marketing to Reflect Travel’s New Reality

5:00 PM


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