Hai Ho

Co-founder and CEO


Co-founder and CEO
Hai Ho is a high-impact entrepreneur who currently heads a travel tech company, Triip, as Co-founder and CEO. He is also a Board Member of Pacific Asia Travel Association.
Hai Ho leverages his 13 years of experience in high-growth firms where he was involved in introducing cutting-edge tech solutions that include payment gateway products, wearable hardware, community and e-book apps, to position Triip as a leading blockchain travel ecosystem for sustainable travel. With its tech-centric expertise and incentive-driven, decentralised systems that lower travel and client acquisition costs, Triip continues to disrupt a travel market that today is worth USD8 trillion.
Backed by knowledge on start-up creation and a profound understanding of the global travel industry, Hai Ho advances a sustainability-driven business philosophy while also creating a niche in the market with Triip’s blockchain-based solution. In four years, the company has created jobs for locals in 100 countries and has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, CNN and Forbes.