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For any inquiries about our Summit, email us at summit@skift.com.

What Is the Skift Short-Term Rental Summit?

This December, Skift will bring together an audience of founders and operators in the dynamic and rapidly expanding short-term rental ecosystem for a day of intimate conversations and discussions. The focus of this intense one-day summit will be on discussing key players, mapping the landscape and identifying growth potential, highlighting emerging technologies, sharing new research and insights on the latest government regulations, and discussing business and landscape challenges.  

What Happens on Stage?

The single-track event is focused, fast-paced, intimate, and thought provoking. Skift’s journalists ask tough questions that go way beyond the obvious, draw on original insights from Skift Research, and push the boundaries of strategy and creative imagination.

The speakers on stage, the themes we discuss, and the questions we focus on all speak to our quest to understand the state of innovation in the travel sector and larger innovations in the world that affect travel. The big picture of the world, with travel as a filter to look at it.

Why Skift?

Skift has been on the forefront of short-term rental news and insights since we launched in 2012. From our ground-breaking Airbnb coverage in 2013 to our stellar Research report last month, we’ve given readers essential information about the business that they won’t find anywhere else.

With our Skift Short-Term Rental Summit, we’re bringing that expertise into focus with a new small-group format that is catered to the needs of executives, founders, and innovators who shaping the business and discovering new markets. We will help them understand this sector with takeaways and actionable insights they won’t find anywhere else.

Where Is It?

We will be holding the event at Ogilvy’s 6three6 space on the west side of Manhattan (at 636 11th Avenue).

What We’ll Talk About

Short-Term Rental Regulation

  • Who is responsible for enforcing existing rules: owner, operator, or platform?
  • What are examples of sensible short-term rental policies?
  • How to work with local legislators to draft new rules?
  • Will it ever be possible to get more uniform rules?
  • What is the impact of STRs on local real estate markets?
  • Should STRs be regulated like hotels?

Can Astronomical Online Booking Growth Be Repeated?

  • Law of large numbers is kicking in, but how do you sustain double-digit growth rates?
  • Is it more important to have large inventory or exclusive properties?
  • How do you ensure quality inventory while trying to grow inventory?
  • What is the right take rate to charge and who pays?
  • Urban vs. holiday divide: Which pays better?
  • What about international growth in China and Latin America?

Time for Property Managers to Grow Up?

  • How do you keep up with growing consumer demands for a professional, reliable product?
  • What’s your preferred growth strategy: organic or acquisitions?
  • What are your biggest pain points when scaling?
  • What tech to invest in and which is a waste of money?
  • New tech: build vs. buy?
  • How and where do you find scale efficiencies?

Congrats, Everyone Is a Potential Short-Term Rental Booker Today; Now How Do You Reach Them?

  • Is the platform brand diluted by property manager branding?
  • Should platforms push for white-label content?
  • Do you even bother to go direct and, if so, how do you reach customers?
  • What’s the best use of your marketing spend: Google, metasearch, or branded?
  • Will metasearch take-off in STR?
  • Is short-term rental’s future in urban or holiday markets?

ROI or Waste of Money: What do Tech Vendors Bring to the Table?

  • Are property managers ready for a growing tech stack?
  • Are you just copying what’s being done in the hotel industry?
  • Is there money in the considerably sized long tail?
  • Does ease-of-use trump all?
  • In five years time, how many players will be left?
  • Walled garden or API?

Institutional Capital Wakes up to the Potential of Short-Term Rentals

  • What are the repercussions of capital in the space becoming increasingly institutionalized?
  • Are return profiles and valuations closer to residential real estate or hotel real estate?
  • Is there greater opportunity in new development or is this more of a roll-up play?
  • With so much supply of new short-term rental properties coming online how do you prevent your return from being diluted?
  • Are we seeing a bubble of inexperienced investors that are going to lose their shirts?
  • Does short-term rental compete with long-term rental?
  • Do investors really understand the nuances of the market?

Everything Is Converging

  • Are short-term rentals finally putting a dent in hotel economics?
  • How do you navigate the landscape when talking to customers?
  • If category differences don’t mean much anymore, will serviced apartments, B&Bs, timeshare, hostels, or aparthotels be squeezed out?
  • Does categorization really matter: We love to talk about it, but do consumers care?
  • Does this convergence flow downstream?
  • Will STR property managers consolidate with hotel managers
  • Will tech vendors just do ‘hospitality’ without a need to differentiate amongst product?

Speaker List and Schedule Coming Soon

Where Should I Stay?

Midtown Manhattan offers multiple options for lodging in hotels and short-term rentals. Note that New York City has rules about what constitutes a legal short-term rental, so make sure your host has the right to rent out their apartment or home.

You can find a list of nearby hotels here.