Monday, September 24

7:30 AM

Doors Open/Breakfast

8:50 AM

Welcome: Our Collaborative Future

9:00 AM

Don’t Call It Delivery

9:50 AM

Building Talent, Not Brands

10:15 AM

What It Takes: Staying Power in an Ever-Changing Market

10:40 AM

Explainer: Food, Restaurants, and the Age of Meals

10:50 AM

Networking Break

11:10 AM

More Than a Famous Name: Maintaining Brand Identity at Scale

11:35 AM

Dining and the Experience Economy

11:50 AM

Technology and the Modern Restaurant

12:15 PM
12:40 PM

Lunch Break

12:40 PM

Workshop: Leverage Your Guest Data to Deliver Exceptional Guest Experiences

2:05 PM

Brand Talk: A.I. Gets Real for Restaurant Marketing

2:40 PM

Explainer: The Strength of the Middle Man

2:50 PM

Transformative TV: The Unbelievable Power of Storytelling Through Food

3:15 PM

Explainer: Making Sense of Big Tech Trends

3:25 PM

Networking Break

3:50 PM

The New Way for a Modern Chef


Sean O’Neil
4:05 PM

The Next Stage for Restaurant Payment Tech

4:30 PM

A Chef’s Influence Outside of the Kitchen

4:55 PM

Transforming the Industry’s First First-Mover

5:20 PM

Happy Hour