Travel’s Path Forward: Online Travel

July 23, 2020
11 a.m – 12:45 p.m. EDT

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Travel’s Path Forward: Online Travel

Through this crisis, online travel companies have experienced a confluence of unthinkable customer service demands at the start of the crisis, constant communication with suppliers and support to partners through the evaporation of the market, and now finding strategies to drive demand through an uneven return as countries re-open. Despite the hurdles of this crisis-response, online travel agencies still have the ability to instill confidence in the safety of travel and boost the market as it seeks a manageable, long-term recovery as travel returns.

Join Skift editors and research analysts, as we discuss the current landscape and future preparedness with industry leaders.

What You’ll Learn

What have been the key learnings for online travel agencies out of this crisis?

What are the best ways to communicate with customers and foster a return in demand in this time?

How can online travel best support suppliers and help partners navigate the crisis and an uneven rebound?

What solutions can online travel deploy right now to counteract this economic hurdle?

What does a largely domestic and localized market return mean for online travel, and when might International begin to recovery?

How might this shift consumer behavior in online bookings in the future?

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Thursday, July 23

11:00 AM

How is Metasearch Shifting Out of This Crisis?


Dennis Schaal
11:25 AM

The Rise, and Uncertainty, of Domestic Travel in Asia

11:40 AM

Google Business Model Changes For the Road Ahead

11:55 AM

Evolving the Online Travel Advertising Playbook for a New Era

12:10 PM

Reforming Marketing Strategies and Staying Agile as Destinations Rebound

12:25 PM

Online Travel and Lodging: Shifts Across Hotels and Vacation Rentals


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