At this year’s Skift Global Forum, we’ve invited three sponsors to host travel trends workshops. Each session is a 30-minute intensive, deep-dive discussion addressing new ideas and challenges in travel, with a Q&A at the end. The sessions are designed to be interactive, with a focus on leaving you with new strategies to implement for your own business or clients.


Attention: Pre-registration for the Skift Global Forum Workshops is now closed. Walk-ins welcome depending on capacity and will be admitted after registered attendees claim their spots (est. 5-10 minutes from entry time). 

DAY 1 | (12:45-1:30pm)

How Data is Shaping the Future of Travel

presented by Simulmedia

Bruce Dincin, Sr. Director, Media Strategy and Analytics, Choice Hotels
Michael Zimbalist, Chief Marketing Officer, Simulmedia

The always-connected traveler has created an imperative need for marketers to become much more tech savvy and to use the data in smarter ways. How is the industry using the massive amounts of data in ways that are reaching the more empowered consumer? How is the booking journey evolving? What does the future look like?

Join this workshop to learn:

  • How data shapes user experience and drives conversions on booking sites.
  • How technology is solving the “Wanamaker Problem,” and how marketers can learn which and how much of their advertising is wasted.
  • How data is informing advanced television and changing TV advertising.  
  • Why TV is still a massive force in travel and how it plays a huge role in driving bookings.

DAY 2 | (12:45-1:30pm)

The Power of Relevance: How American Express Travel Boosted Conversions with Contexutal Marketing

presented by Movable Ink

Alison Lindland, Regional VP, Client Experience, Movable Ink
Brian Lenhart, Director, Global Digital Marketing of Amex Travel


Delivering the right content at the right time to consumers is a challenge that all travel marketers face. By utilizing deep insights on the booking and travel behaviors of their Card Members, American Express Travel was able to deliver relevant offers via contextual marketing, increasing conversion rates and improving their overall customer experience.

 In this session, you’ll discover why contextual marketing is a must-have for any travel marketer. You’ll learn:

  • The contextual tactics Amex used to provide relevant offers to their customers
  • Contextual strategies and ideas that any travel marketer can use to increase conversions


DAY 2 | (12:45-1:30pm)

Transforming the Guest Experience Through Mobile Messaging

presented by LivePerson

Rob LoCascio, Founder & CEO, LivePerson

Mobile is not only changing the way consumers research and book travel, but it provides brands an opportunity to redefine the travel experience. Join Rob LoCascio, Founder and CEO of LivePerson, for a lunchtime discussion on how brands are using mobile — and mobile messaging specifically — to deliver concierge-level care at scale.

Join this workshop to learn:

  • How innovative companies have differentiated their customer service with WhatsApp-style messaging in their own branded apps and on their web site.
  • What a mobile-driven, consumer­-centric experience will look like for the most common travel and hospitality customer journeys.
  • Best practices for using messaging to give guests flexibility and convenience, while building brand loyalty.