Co-founder and CEO, SilverRail Technologies

Aaron founded SilverRail Technologies 2009 and, since it inception, to this day has been leading the company to power the renaissance of rail.

However, Aaron’s career didn’t start in the rail business, or even the travel business. In fact, Aarons career started when he joined the US Army fresh out of high school as a private e-zero (the lowest rank in the US military). In spite of this low ranked position, Aaron quickly became the youngest Sergeant in the elite 82nd Airborne, leading several teams in combat, as well as being awarded one of the rarest, most coveted combat awards in the US military.

Having saved enough money to self-fund a degree qualification whilst in the Army. Aaron decided to divert his energy and dedication to education, and spent the following four years at Northeastern University in Boston, where he graduated second in class.

Following on from a successful internship at the renowned Bain & Company, Aaron had the unique ‘honor’ of being the first non-Ivy League graduate recruit to work with emerging technology and consumer product companies.

In 1998, Aaron joined General Catalyst (GC) during the founding of the company, where he specialised in business ‘turn-arounds’. Today, GC is a $3bn venture capital firm having made investments in over 250 start-ups, including travel luminaries like Kayak and Airbnb. This was the role that fuelled Aarons passion for technology and quickly saw him become a technology entrepreneur.

In 2000, GC acquired National Leisure Group (NLG) – a small, ‘traditional’ travel company offering cruises and luxury travel services. GC wanted to transform NGL into an online travel business, and with Aaron’s proven track record, enrolled him as CEO. Over the following six years, Aaron built and oversaw NGL’s expansion into one of the largest travel technology and distribution companies in the US, with annual sales of over $1 billion, and four times the market share of its largest competitor.

It was this role that sowed the seed for the foundation of SilverRail. “NLG was where it all came together,” says Aaron.  “The introduction of a fully integrated travel booking system was transformative.  The natural move was to apply the lessons learned at NLG to other travel sectors and rail was the obvious candidate.” 

Today, SilverRail has over 200 employees around the globe with headquarters in London, and engineering teams in Boston, Brisbane, and Stockholm.

SilverRail is digitising passenger rail by building the first, and only global retailing and distribution platform for rail. It is currently integrating the ninth country onto its platform, and is powering some of the largest brands in travel ecommerce, including: Expedia, Orbitz and HRG, among others.

Now, SilverRail is expanding beyond rail, building next-generation door-to-door journey planners to facilitate seamless mobility, enabling consumers to both plan and transact (not yet possible) across all modes of transit, seamlessly, and in a single ecosystem/app.