Skift Global Forum is the largest creative business forum in the global travel industry. In two years — 2014 and 2015 — it has become what media, speakers and attendees have called the “TED of travel.”

It is the first conference focused on top strategists, technologists, and marketers in travel, the people creating the future of travel in 2015 and beyond.

After the success of our sold out inaugural conference in 2014, we have expanded Skift Global Forum to a two-day event. Forum 2016 will take place on September 27-28, 2016 at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center.

Stay tuned for more information about Skift Global Forum 2016!


Skift is the largest industry intelligence platform providing MEDIA, INSIGHTS and MARKETING to key sectors of travel.

HERE is what we do: Skift DECIPHERS and DEFINES global travel trends.

HERE is who we do it for: MARKETERS, STRATEGISTS and TECHNOLOGISTS in the global travel industry.

Based in New York City, Skift has deep experience in identifying and synthesizing existing and emerging trends, in its daily coverage of the global travel industry, through its Skift Trends Reports and its data insight.

Within a short three years of its existence, Skift has become the lingo in the travel industry, and is now a daily tool used by the top strategists, technologists, and marketers in travel.


The conference was amazing. You guys are definitely bringing a ton of fresh air to this industry! Really kudos.

- Diego Saez-Gil, CEO, Bluesmart
I had a lot of fun and was so impressed at the event – really amazing what you’ve accomplished… Literally 10x what I’ve received at any other conference or presentation.
- Sam Shank, CEO, HotelTonight
The conference was fantastic for us and we already have a bunch of new deals in the pipeline as a consequence.
- Jeremy Jauncey, CEO, Beautiful Destinations