Julian Guerrero Orozco FLS

Vice President of Tourism


Julian Guerrero Orozco FLS

Julián Guerrero is the Vice President of Tourism of ProColombia, the organization of the Government of Colombia that leads the international promotion of the country’s exports, foreign direct investment, international tourism and the country brand in more than 34 markets covered by 29 offices in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Its model, propelled at a private sector’s pace, makes possible a fined-tuned match amongst buyers around the world and Colombian suppliers.

Julian joined ProColombia in 2002 and continued his career that spans over 20 years in government, diplomacy, academia and business consulting in Colombia, Europe (London, Paris, The Hague), the United States (Washington) and Africa (South Africa and Tanzania), being this latter where he consolidated his tourism projects for the conservation of nature under the approach of Smart Experiential Travel.

Julian is a lawyer and holds a degree in international relations of the London School of Economics, wildlife filmmaking at the American University and at the International School of Wildlife Filmmaking (Wildeye). He is trained in nature and safari guiding, and holds an IGS guide certification on birds, invertebrates and botany.

Julian is a fellow of the Linnean Society of London, the Wildlife Film, and was a member of the Interpretative Guide Society’s Steering Committee. He is a certified RYA Yachtmaster, proud to have sailed the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the North Seas, as well as the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans.

He is married and has two children.