Ana Andjelic


The Business of Aspiration


Ana is a strategy executive, author of “The Business of Aspiration,” and Forbes CMO Next. She specializes in brand strategy, retail innovation, and holistic brand management, and works with brands to capitalize on areas where consumer behavior is changing.

In her leadership roles, Ana is tasked with introducing and/or amplifying brand marketing capabilities, resources, and processes in the organization and defining the global positioning, brand and business strategy, and growth planning. Her executive mandate is to modernize the existing retail structure, to introduce the new value architecture, to capitalize on data and new retail technologies, and to advance the retail service and experience offerings. Ana builds brands that that move the culture and grow the business.

Ana holds Ph.D. in Sociology and M.A. in Media Studies. She runs a weekly newsletter, The Sociology of Business, and her first book, “The Business of Aspiration,” comes out in the Fall of 2020 by Taylor & Francis.

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