André Gerondeau

Chief Operating Officer

Meliá Hotels International

Chief Operating Officer

André P. Gerondeau is Meliá Hotels International’s Global Head of Hotel Operations and the

company’s Vacation Club business, as well as overseeing the Group’s Brand portfolio. Mr. Gerondeau is also responsible for Development, Marketing and Distribution. He leads a highly qualified team comprising the Operations Committee, including regional and global heads, all of whom report directly to him. As well as the global operations of the Group, Mr. Gerondeau directs and supervises all regional strategies and operations.

André P. Gerondeau studied at CESSA Mexico City and the Hilton College for Hotel & Restaurant Management. He has over 25 years’ experience in various international groups in Latin-America and the United States, such as the Posadas Group and Camino Real-Westin Hotels.

Mr. Gerondeau joined Meliá Hotels International in 1997, originally working in the Dominican Republic, before assuming the role of Regional Director for France & Belgium. From this role, he progressed to Senior Vice-President of North America and the Caribbean before transferring to Meliá Hotels International’s Head Office in Spain in 2007 as Executive Vice President of Hotels. In this role, Mr. Gerondeau directed the Group’s hotel operations until assuming his new position as Chief Operating Officer of Meliá Hotels International in 2016.

In the past decade, Mr. Gerondeau has played a leading role in the creation and execution of the Company’s strategic plans, with the aim of strengthening the Group’s brand strategy, promoting international development and reinforcing Meliá Hotels International’s position amongst the leading international hotel management groups.

Mr. Gerondeau has also been responsible for the Company’s commercial transformation in accordance with the new digital paradigm, and the innovation of the hotel products and services,