Rafael Museri

Founder & CEO


Founder & CEO

Rafael Museri, Co-founder and CEO of Selina, served 12 years as a commander in one of Israel’s most elite army units. After completing his military service, Rafi moved to Central America in 2007, where he joined Selina’s Co-founder, Daniel Rudasevski, in creating Dekel, a Panama-based development company. Dekel developed several successful real estate projects along the Pacific Coast of Panama and in the old town of Panama City, leveraging a development strategy focused on the creation of full, diversified communities that appeal to people from all walks of life and that integrate into the local markets — the same philosophy that now sits at the heart of Selina.

To test their idea for Selina — a unique stay, work and play community — Rafi and Daniel traveled the world over the space of one year, staying in more than 120 hotels, hostels and houses looking for a consistent offering that allowed them to meet new people, experience new cultures and seamlessly live and work anywhere.

Through the lessons that Rafi and Daniel learned, they set out to launch Selina — a hospitality concept that catered to a new generation of travelers — in 2014; opening their first property on the surf beach in Venao, Panama.

After the success of the first property, Selina opened second and third locations in Bocas del Toro and Pedasi, Panama. Leveraging his unique leadership skill set, his creative mindset, his knowledge of the Latin American markets and his vision to change the way in which people travel, live and work, Rafi has led the Selina team from its original foundation into a global brand with 2000+ employees across 40 properties in 11 countries; reinventing the world of hospitality.